Tips to Find Time to Read

We all lead busy lives. With work, school, kids, activities and dozens of other tasks that eat into our available time, it’s no wonder that we don’t have enough time for ourselves. That includes taking time for activities that we enjoy, including reading.

Finding time in our busy schedules can be a very big challenge. But for the sake of our health, and sometimes sanity, you should find a little time to sit down, relax and enjoy a good book. The same can be said for reading to your children. It is just as important to find time to read to your kids, as it is to find time for your reading.

Finding reading time can be very difficult, but not impossible. By utilizing good time management techniques and being a little creative, you can have time for reading. The key is to start out slowly. You don’t have to read “War and Peace” in one sitting. You can read a newspaper, magazine or a chapter in a book. That might be enough to get enough time in your day to start reading.

Ok, sounds like a good plan but when do I have time? We have some suggestions. You can try first thing in the morning. If you get up fifteen minutes earlier, you can use that time for a little reading. If you are going to work, bring some reading material with you. You can do a little reading at lunch or on a break. The same if you commute to work. If you don’t have to drive, you can do a little reading on the train, subway or bus. Another great time to read is just before bed. Jump under the covers, grab a book and start reading. It’s a nice way to end your day and enjoy your reading material.

And probably the most important way to find time to read is to make sure you are reading something that interests you. If you enjoy a good mystery or biography, make sure you get a book in that category. If you have a book that is in your interest category, you will be more likely to read that material.

Find a few minutes in your day and enjoy reading again!