Reading Resources

In the world there are not a lot of hobbies that can be done anyplace and anytime. One of the hobbies that can is reading. You can always read a book, magazine or newspaper at any location morning, noon or night.

The biggest question or concern you might have is what should I read and how should I read it? Readers face a wide range of choices on what they can read. Do they want to read a fiction book? How about a non-fiction book? Magazine? Or you can read a newspaper? You can read whatever you feel like reading.

Another big question is how do you want to read? Today people are faced with choices of hard cover books, paper back books or even e-books and e-magazines. The choice is yours to make. Decide which is most convenient for you and get to reading.

Deciding what to read and how to read can be very confusing. With all of the choice we have, many readers can be confused. Never fear, we can help!

We polled our members and found a number of useful reading resources that may be of help to you. Below you will find some of our most popular selections. We hope that they help you as much as they helped us.