Literature for Children

As a parent one of the best memories is reading to your child. From the earliest age parents have been telling stories to their young children. The best time has always been before bedtime where you can tell a nice, quiet story to get the child to relax and fall asleep. But bedtime is not the only time you can tell stories to your children.

Any time of the day or night is actually the right time to read a story. Especially if you are reading a book that has a lot of action or excitement, it is probably best not to read it before bedtime. But grabbing a book and finding a comfortable chair or sofa, you are ready to read to your child.

We all lead busy lives and sometimes finding extra time in our day can be very difficult. So, why should we be reading to our kids when we can just stick them in front of the television or have them be entertained by a smartphone? There are many reasons why parents should be reading to their children.

First, when you are reading to your child, you are establishing a bond between the two of you. This is a bond that will be carried on throughout your child’s life. In fact, reading can be helpful to unborn children as well. Research shows that reading to your unborn baby even 10 weeks before delivery can be beneficial. During that time the baby can hear the mother’s voice and can help establish the foundation for understanding language.

As a child gets older, parents should still read to children. Reading to children up to the teen years can benefit your child. The benefits include teaching children about literature, about the world and can increase the empathy they have for others around the world. Rasmussen College published a list of advantages of reading to children from babies to teenagers. It may be worth your time to review the information that is contained.

Reading to children is the pathway to get children to learn to read and to begin exploring the world by themselves. A great resource for parents is from Reading is Fundamental. They have information and resources that can help encourage children to read.