About Us

The Kellytown Reading Group was informally founded in 2003. It started when a group of friends that are interested in books and literature would meet at our local Panera to talk about books, have some coffee and catch up on the gossip of the day. The informal book club would meet once or twice a month and would talk about a book that they read. It was a great way to read books that we normally would not read.

For example, each meeting one of the members would recommend the book that we would read. The group had a very wide range of interests so we read everything from classic literature to political thrillers, and everything in between. It was a fun way to go outside our comfort zone and enjoy something that none of us would have read if not for the group.

We’ve continued with our group over the years and have seen our ranks increase dramatically. We no longer meet at Panera since we would take up nearly the entire restaurant. We have moved to some of our readers homes, our local community center and even our local library, over the past few years. And since our numbers are larger than our original group, we have split up in smaller groups based on book genre interest. That means we have a group for mysteries, non-fiction, classic literature and so on. Makes it a little easier to talk about the books, but it also limits you to a certain type. Although we let members switch whenever they want to.

In recent years we have expanded what we do to include working with children. We have started a children’s reading group to get them interested in books. And, for our youngest children in the community we have had begun a program where we read to the kids. Nothing beats the look on the kids faces when you read them Dr. Seuss or other authors of children’s books.

We hope you enjoy the information on our website, and if you have any questions contact one of our founding members.

Jennie Mckinney - Randy George - Kelli May - Carol Briggs - Tracy Bridges - Sheryl Townsend - Andrea Gomez - Patricia Phelps - Alex Warren - Karen Neal